Experience the Black Forest sportingly

The spa town and health resort of Bad Peterstal / Griesbach is situated in the upper valley of the river Rench. Here you enjoy the very best of Black Forest air and ideal prerequisites for splendid walking tours.

In particular, we would like to recommend to you two of them, namely the premium public footpaths “Griesbacher Wiesensteig” and “Peterstaler Schwarzwaldsteig”. Both will lead you through the finest landscape that is to be enjoyed in the Rench valley.

Bad Griesbacher Wiesensteig

This public footpath will take you to the wild and romantic headwaters of the river Rench. It is 11 kilometres long, entailing a difference in altitude of some 350 metres. On your way, you may stop off at two inns, ‘Renchtalhütte’ and ‘Herbstwasen’. At the ‘Haus Wilde Rench’, you will be invited to try both various alcoholic drinks and the local mineral water.

For further information see www.wiestensteigwandern.de

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Bad Peterstaler Schwarzwaldsteig

This path will take you through the placid landscape of the central Black Forest, as you pass thorough idyllic meadows with picturesque farmsteads, beech groves and coniferous forests. On your way, you may stop off at the Braunbergstüble inn.

For further information see  www.peterstaler-schwarzwaldsteig.de

Bad Peterstaler Himmelssteig
The Himmelssteig in Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

The   Premiumweg and GenießerpfadHimmelssteig   is demanding, but the many soft forest and meadow paths, the heavenly loungers and heavenly views - for example from a 22 meter long white fir bank - make you forget the ups and downs quickly. The drinks fountain at the Holchen waterfall also invites you to take a refreshing break. The Himmelssteig, part of the   Black Forest Hiking Symphony, was voted “Germany's most beautiful hiking trail 2017” by the “Wandermagazin”.

Weitere Informationen unter: www.schwarzwälder-wandersinfonie.de/himmelssteig


There is an app suggesting numerous hiking tours for every age, taste and skill, providing detailed information, topographical maps, pictures and useful hints. This may be downloaded here.

This may be downloaded here.
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Bicycle and e-bike
Winter sports

All around the town of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach there are more than 15 public footpaths for hiking tours in the winter. There are two trails for those using snow shoes and six cross-country ski trails. Those who love skiing may go to the Kniebis winter sports area at an altitude of some 1000 metres above sea-level. Further information may be found here